Business Solutions Platform

Finlei provides an ecosystem of competitive solutions that respond to today's business needs. These solutions are present in strategic areas of your company or activity sector, such as Data Analytics, Electronic Billing with Digital BlockChain Certification, Corporate Payments, Cash Supply Chain Finance Management, BedBank, and CSN.

Payment Network and Financial Market

FinPay NetCorp is a secure payment network between trusted customers and providers. Strengthen your business relationships with our Supply Chain Finance model, optimize cash surpluses and provide new sources of financing working capital.

Our technological platform processes payments in real time, optimizes cash flows in different currencies, and provides absolute traceability in your commercial transactions when using Electronic Money issued by our Electronic Money Entity (EDE).

FinPay EDE is Registered with N.6718 in the Bank of Spain's Entities register, complying with the requirements required by the regulator.

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Virtual BedBank

Connectycs is our Technology for Commercial Mediation in the Tourism Sector and creation of BedBank for Hoteliers.

It is a CED model: CLIENT EMPOWERMENT DISTRIBUTION. A comprehensive solution for hotel chains and Destination Management Companies (DMC) that covers both either Contracting Connectivity (Connection with the most relevant Channel Managers in the market) or distribution through a wide range of connected clients for its worldwide distribution (Wholesalers, TTOO, Hubs, Retail Agencies, OTAs ...)

Product consolidation and distribution technology is done through Juniper Booking Engine.

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Business Intelligence

Sinergycs is our Technological Solution directed to Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and the creation of personalized Predictive Models.

We transform your data into information, and that information into knowledge, so that your Company can make better strategic and commercial decisions.

We guarantee the reliability of your information with processes of Audit, verification and data integrity of your Company, in a secure environment.

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Our Brands


We operate through a professional and efficient structure, relying on the expertise of our team, and working so close with our partners in technological, legal, regulatory, and operational aspects.

Juan Soriano

President, CEO and Founder of FinPay EDE, FinPay NetCorp, and our ecosystem of business solutions The FINLEI Co. Graduated in Business Administration Finance Specialization, has extensive experience as a Senior Manager in the Financial Sector with an experience of more than 15 years as Corporate Director.

Vicent Roca

CEO and Co-Founder at Sinergycs, CTO at FinPay NetCorp and FinPay EDE. Computer Engineer, Bachelor of Business Administration and Management, EFPA certification (European Financial Planning Advisor), CFA (Passed level I), Master in Business Intelligence and Big Data. Co-founder at FinPay NetCorp and FinPay EDE.

Javier Soriano

CEO and Co-founder at Connectycs. Diploma in Tourism, he has extensive experience in private company, and more than 10 years of professional experience in the Tourism Sector as Director of Strategyc Accounts and Preferential Partners.

Raquel López

Financial Director of The FINLEI Co. Group. Bachelor of Business Administration and Management, she has extensive experience in private company as head of administration and finance, and more than 10 years of professional experience in the Financial Sector, developing different positions of responsibility and management.

Our Partners

We have a professional and efficient structure, relying on the expert teams of our investee companies, and we have relationships with top-level partners in technological, legal, regulatory and normative aspects.


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